Thailand, Phuket

Bang Tao beach

Bang Tao beach

Bang Tao Beach is a popular and picturesque destination on Phuket's west coast in Thailand. This serene beach boasts white sand and clear waters, attracting visitors looking for a peaceful beach experience. The beach is lined with resorts and offers various water activities, making it a great spot for relaxation and fun. Additionally, it features a range of dining options, from local eateries to upscale restaurants. The evening scene comes alive with beach clubs and bars, creating a vibrant nightlife for those seeking entertainment.


Bang Tao Beach boasts a robust infrastructure that caters to the needs and desires of visitors. The beachfront is studded with a diverse selection of hotels and resorts, offering accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious, ensuring a place to stay for every traveler.

Numerous restaurants and eateries line the beach, providing an array of culinary choices, from authentic Thai cuisine to international flavors. This culinary diversity appeals to the palate of both locals and tourists.
For those seeking outdoor activities, Bang Tao Beach is equipped with facilities for water sports, such as jet skiing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. You can easily rent equipment and arrange for lessons if needed. These activities add an element of adventure to your beach experience.
The surrounding area of Bang Tao Beach is also home to convenience stores, banks, and medical facilities, ensuring that essential services are readily available for tourists. This infrastructure is in place to make the stay of visitors as comfortable and convenient as possible.
Overall, Bang Tao Beach's well-developed infrastructure is designed to enhance the overall experience for travelers, offering a seamless blend of relaxation, entertainment, and practicality.
Real Estate
Real estate in the Bang Tao Beach area offers a variety of properties for buyers and investors. These include condos, villas, and apartments, many of which feature beautiful beach and nature views. Several developments come with amenities like pools and security. This market is also attractive for rental investments due to the area's popularity.

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Fifth Element


Above Element Villa

The Above element villas has been chosen for its unique form of style and grace, symbolizing a reflection of eternal prosperity to the residence and its owners allowing a fulfilling duel lifestyle any time you like.

Utopia Central

Strategically positioned adjacent to Prince of Songkla University, this upcoming hotel project will comprise 397 rooms, categorized into four types ranging from studio rooms to Two-Bedroom units.

Seasonal patterns, fluctuations

Bang Tao Beach in Phuket, Thailand, experiences seasonal fluctuations that significantly influence the local tourism industry. The high season, from November to April, draws a large number of tourists due to ideal weather. In contrast, the monsoon season, lasting from May to October, brings heavy rainfall and rough sea conditions, leading to a decline in tourist numbers. These shifts also affect marine activities, with calm waters during the high season and more challenging conditions during the monsoon.

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What's the way to arrive at this location?

Bang Tao is an attractive neighborhood in Phuket due to its convenient transport accessibility, making it suitable for both vacations and permanent residence. It takes approximately 25 minutes to reach Bang Tao from the airport by taxi, at a cost of about 500 baht.
The central part of the island is easily accessible by car within 20-25 minutes, where you can find international schools, kindergartens, large shopping centers, sports parks, tennis courts, and golf courses.
For those traveling from Phuket Town (Old Town) to Bang Tao, the blue city bus Songthew is a budget-friendly option, with a fare of 50 baht, payable directly to the driver.

25 km

Phuket Airport

2 km

Laguna Phuket:

2 km

Catch Beach Club:

4 km

Wat Cherng Talay:

6 km

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