Thailand, Phuket

Sale Commercial Properties

Office Spaces

Phuket’s office spaces offer a diverse range of options catering to different professional needs. You’ll find co-working spaces like The Gallery Workspace and Seeker Workspace, fostering collaboration and networking. Business centers in areas like Phuket Town or Patong provide furnished offices for short or long-term leases. Serviced offices offer hassle-free setups with reception services and conference facilities. Virtual offices cater to those needing a business address without a physical space. Additionally, emerging tech hubs provide spaces for innovation, mentorship, and networking, reflecting the island’s growing interest in tech startups and digital nomads. These spaces often incorporate the island’s natural beauty, providing inspiring settings for work. Ultimately, choosing the right space depends on factors like location, accessibility, and your specific business requirements.

Retail Spaces

In Phuket, you’ll find diverse retail spaces catering to different preferences. There are bustling local markets offering everything from traditional crafts to street food. Modern shopping malls provide a mix of international brands, entertainment, and dining. Boutique stores along streets like Thalang Road offer unique, locally crafted items. Tourist hotspots like Patong feature a blend of Thai goods and international labels. Upscale areas like Laguna Phuket boast luxury boutiques, while seasonal markets and festivals add a touch of festivity to shopping experiences across the island.