Thailand, Phuket

Montessori House Phuket International School

Montessori House Phuket International School

As a true Montessori school, we promote joyful, self-directed learning that builds the foundation for positive character development and lasting success.

Our aim is to develop each child’s unique capabilities, to foster a love of learning, and to create independent, confident, and contributing members of our community and of the world. We work to guide children on their natural course of discovery; to encourage deep thinking, problem solving and compassion for others.

Paramount to everything that we can see immediately with our eyes, is the happiness of each child at our school—they usually never want to go home!

Why Montessori?

Montessori Education has been ahead of its time since it was developed in 1907, even as it continues to compete with a struggling traditional school model. The philosophy was developed as a result of decades of studying human development and cognition, and it proves to be more valuable than ever in our fast-paced modern world.

As much as we all like our gadgets, it remains true that children learn best through active physical play and active involvement in the learning process. In Montessori, we promote freedom within limits; and teachers guide children toward exploring their natural curiosity to discover and learn more about the world.

Montessori education is child-centred, with a heavy focus on nature, community, compassion, and critical thinking–and Montessori children across the world continue to score higher on tests than students in traditional schools.