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Vachira Phuket Hospital

Vachira Phuket Hospital

Vachira Phuket Hospital It is a tertiary care center hospital with 551 beds under the leadership of Dr. Weerasak Lorthongkam, the seventeenth director and Hospital Executive Committee.There are more than two thousand five hundred medical and public health personnel. There are specialist doctors in every field providing services with modern medical equipment. Use cutting-edge technology There are approximately 2,000 service recipients per day, with an average of 600 inpatients per day.

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Vachira Phuket Hospital It is a hospital with quality and morality. that has received standard quality certification From the Healthcare Quality Accreditation Institute (Public Organization) since the Buddhist Era two thousand five hundred fifty eight Continuing until the present, this is the second Reaccreditation on February 13, two thousand five hundred and sixty-four, and there will be a third Reaccreditation in the year 2023. Vachira Phuket Hospital Digital technology has been applied. To support the organization of the hospital's health service system, reduce work procedures. To create convenience, speed, provide quality, standardized, and safe services. and modern and environmentally friendly under the Smart Hospital policy consisting of:
– Electronic Medical Record (links LIS and PACS systems)
– Smart Lab (reduces waiting time)
– Smart Pharmacy – Smart ER – Smart AOC

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Vachira Phuket Hospital is located at the foot of Khao Rang, No. 353 Yaowarat Road, Talat Yai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phuket Province, Postal Code 83000, Telephone number 0-7636-1234 Hotline: 1669 Fax: 0-7636-1333

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