Thailand, Phuket

Patong Hospital

Patong Hospital

Sainamyen International Clinic located mainly in 3 beautiful places of Phuket, in Patong, Kata-Karon, Kamala and Cherngtalay.
We offer a compassionate care with principle values of our clinic with a convenient price. Here, our multilingual professional medical team aims to provide genuinely compassionate care and comfort to all our clients.

Our services

Our outpatient medical services cover a wide range of healthcare needs, including general practitioner and pediatric care, management of chronic diseases and orthopedic problems. Our diagnostic lab ensures accurate and timely test results, and we provide specialized care for wounds, injuries, eyes, ears, allergies, and skin problems.
For tourists, we offer prompt relief for common illnesses like diarrhea, food poisoning, fever, and cough. Our services also include hangover IV treatments, gastroenteritis care, and laboratory tests for comprehensive health assessments.
Our healthcare professionals address urinary tract infections, administer Vitamin IV drips for overall health, and offer vaccination services for preventive healthcare. We are committed to delivering efficient and personalized medical care.

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Sainamyen International Clinic located in the heart of Patong, a brisk 10 minute walk from the town’s picturesque beaches, our clinic offers a tranquil environment conductive to healing. Here, our multilingual medical teams aim to provide genuinely compassionate care to all our visitors.

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