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Mission Hospital Phuket

Mission Hospital Phuket

Mission Hospital is a 110-bed general hospital in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Mission Hospital was founded in 1937 and today serves Thai and international communities. The hospital is owned and operated by the Christian Medical Foundation of Seventh-Day Adventists and it is part of the worldwide Adventist Healthcare network. Mission Hospital offers state of the art diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency facilities.
Mission Hospital has served patients from over 60 countries world-wide. English and other language speaking staff are available to assist our international customers. Our Medical coordination office schedules appointments, procedures and translators for our customer’ needs.Mission Hospital is proud to be one of the first private hospitals in Thailand to receive Hospital Accreditation (HA) Re-Accreditation approval


Mission Hospital is proud to be one of the first few private hospitals in Thailand to receive Hospital Accreditation (HA). The HA program is a program for quality improvement for both public and private hospitals in Thailand. The fundamentals of this program are patient focus, organizational and multi-disciplinary teamwork and continuous self-assessment and improvement.
The HA program began in 1994 out of the need for a more comprehensive hospital standard. Hospital standards for the US, Canada, Australia and UK were reviewed and the Thai hospital standard was drafted in 1996. Thirty-five hospitals from both private and public sectors joined the HA pilot program in order to create model hospitals, fine tune standards, strengthen the initial team of surveyors, and promote better understanding of the program by the public and healthcare professionals.

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Mission Hospital Phuket is located at 430 Pitsanulok Rd., Si Yaek Maha Nak, Dusit District, Bangkok, 10300 Thailand.
Tel: +662 282-1100, Fax: +662 280-0441

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