Thailand, Phuket

Dibuk Hospital

Dibuk Hospital

Tin Hospital is designed in the form of an energy-saving, cylindrical building, which is considered an architecture that is clearly different from general hospitals. By the thought process of building design experts and personnel of Bangkok Phuket Hospital. Connecting service agencies to create a 360-degree view of services. In addition, medical services are coordinated closely with Bangkok Phuket Hospital. and Bangkok Siriroj Hospital in supporting personnel and medical equipment in providing medical treatment at a more complex level as well.

Network Hospital

Our hospital group provides comprehensive medical services. With a team of medical personnel in all fields, such as specialized doctors and surgeons with expertise, professional nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, radiologists, medical technicians, etc., all of our personnel have been trained. according to professional standards Have a qualification certificate and have high experience working in each field
In addition to personal readiness We are also well equipped with modern medical equipment and high technology. Passed inspection and certification from the Hospital Quality Development and Accreditation Institute.

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Tin Hospital is one of the companies operating a large medical service business, standing tall on Chao Fa Tawan Tok Road (Chao Fa Nok) on an area of ​​approximately 10 rai, which was once a tin mining area. Important businesses of Phuket Province in the past

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