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Chalong Hospital

Chalong Hospital

Chalong Hospital has a 24/7 accident and emergency dept, a physical therapy clinic, a dental clinic, a wound dressing and general medical examination service and also has primary care and holistic services such as mental health, drug, alcohol and tobacco treatments, health education and disease prevention control, including the giving of vaccines. Chalong Hospital is located on Chaofa West Road, almost opposite to the Home Pro Mall and very close to the Chalong Traffic Circle and Underpass.

Medical Services

Our medical facility offers a comprehensive range of services to address various health needs: Emergency Department: Immediate assistance for accidents and acute conditions. Physical Therapy Clinic: Specialized in restoring body functionality after injuries or surgeries. Dental Clinic: Full spectrum of dental care services for a healthy and attractive smile.
General Disease Examination Clinic: Comprehensive examinations to detect and prevent diseases.
Chalongpat Ward: Inpatient care for various illnesses, ensuring comfort and professionalism.
Medical Technology and Clinical Pathology: Equipped with modern diagnostic tools for accurate disease detection.
Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Clinic: Traditional Thai treatments and alternative approaches for holistic care.
Our goal is to provide high-quality, timely, and compassionate medical services, blending modern technology with individualized care.

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Chalong Hospital is located at tหมู่ที่ 8, 99, Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand, Telephone number +66 76 384 342

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