Metrics Development Thailand

Metrics Development Thailand the construction company has been designing and building since 2013. We focused our efforts on the construction of premium-class housing.
Many facilities have been built, including on the seashore. therefore, we carefully select a team of builders and carefully monitor the construction process. Wish you enjoy getting information of our development and please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

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Advantages of Metrics Development

  • The quality and accessibility of comfortable housing is the mission of the professional metrics development team
  • A personal concierge manager will provide comfortable conditions for your stay in Thailand. We will help you from meeting at the airport to organizing your leisure time
  • Due to the use of modern technologies in construction, such as the use of thermal films, “cold roof”, smart climate solutions, it was possible to achieve energy savings of 34%
  • The management company will take care of all the maintenance of the villa. In addition to maintenance, the company will also take over the further rental of housing
  • The complex is located in Bang Tao district. This is a prestigious place with an eight-kilometer beach and a huge infrastructure surrounded by five-star hotels.
  • Well maintained property management since 2013

About Metrics Development

We are building premium class housing in Phuket. Our facilities are located in prestigious areas of Phuket, where genuine natural beauty and modern urban comfort merge together.

We build with knowledge and taking into account the local climate. For example, we use waterproofing of the foundation to prevent moisture from rising through the concrete into the house (not all developers use this). The warranty covers construction, decoration, communications and support systems. The warranty period is from 1 to 3 years, depending on the facility.

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